The heavily anticipated éS Footwear "To Europe With Love" tour kicks off in the UK tomorrow, with Mike Anderson, Justin Eldridge, Danny Garcia, Kellen James, Rick McCrank, John Rattray, Rodrigo TX, Bobby Worrest, Ben Raemers and special guests along for the ride!

Be sure to head to at least one of the following stops to witness the sickness firsthand:

Sunday 30th May, 1pm - Aberdeen - Transition Skatepark

Wednesday 2nd June, 5pm - Corby - Adrenaline Alley Park

Thursday 3rd June - Machotaildrop Premiere London @ Prince Charles Cinema /

Friday 4th June, 5pm - Plymouth - Prime Skatepark

Keep an eye on the site all next week for updates as and when they appear online. Also, click here to enter our exclusive comp to win signed Bobby Worrest gear if you have yet to do so!

to europe with love