The London premiere for the latest Etnies video 'Album' is confirmed for April 5th and will be happening at Red Bull Studios, 155-171 Tooley Street, London.

Doors will open from 7pm and tickets are available via RSVP to on a first come, first served basis.

Additional info on the flyer below.


Featuring the likes of Chris Joslin, Ryan Sheckler, Matt Berger, Nick Garcia, Trevor McClung, Ryan Lay, Aidan Campbell, Willow, David Reyes, Jamie Tanconwy, Silvester Eduardo, Koichiro Uehara, Barney Page and Samarria Brevard, and with UK legend Mike Manzoori behind the camera - this is definitely going to be a banger.

If you missed the trailer that dropped last week - take a look here and get excited.

Given that Chris Joslin basically just did the biggest frontside flip in history and it ended up in the trailer, God only knows what awaits our eyes in the full-length.

The official word from etnies themselves reads as follows:

"etnies presents ALBUM, a feature-length global skateboarding film with some of the biggest names and emerging talents in modern skateboarding. From the creativity of Ryan Lay and Nick Garcia to the raw power of Chris Joslin and Ryan Sheckler, this eclectic tribe has been scouring city streets across five different continents in the never-ending quest for new skate spots. This film is an ALBUM of moments and a reflection of all the years of dedication that went into the project. It is a time capsule of commitment and an offering of gratitude to skateboarding. Arranged to an original soundtrack - directed by Mike Manzoori."

As we're on the topic of UK skate royalty Mike Manzoori, why not take this opportunity to remind yourselves of of Mike's own contribution to skateboarding history via our recent (ish) Rehash edit of some classic Mr Magoo footage collected from various VHS releases back in the now distant pre-Internet past?