Creature Skateboards latest offering, simply titled 'The Creature Video' will be premiered by North London's Three Amigos Skateshop at Bolt London in Stoke Newington tomorrow night (Tuesday 16th May), with the venue opening at 6:30pm and a video time of 7:30pm. We're stoked for this one, shit is guaranteed to be gnarlier to witness than two crackheads fighting over the last rock, which has been dropped and rolled into the fissure of a particularly gnarled tree root!

Address: Bolt London, 1A Bouverie Road, Stoke Newington, London, N16 0AH

In advance of the new video Creature have been uploading their previous full lengths to the web (post reincarnation that is, no Hesher on the Run), which you can peruse at your leisure to get good and hyped.