To celebrate the life and memory of Steven "Bingo" Binks, the Teeside locals have organised a massive session at Five Bridges in Gateshead this coming Sunday.

There's no strict schedule as such, but, like Bingo's weekly Sunday filming missions, expect the session to start at the crack of dawn and continue until well after dark.

There's a lively Facebook Event page already set up with more info and discussion about the day, with anticipation that Five Bridges is going to rightfully see it's busiest day ever. We'll be seeing you all there.

Links to a variety of articles and posts regarding Bingo can be located on the updated version of yesterdays post which is stickied at the top of the home page.

Also, check out the graffiti below that the Teeside massive painted last night - so good! Major props to all involved.!/event.php?eid=110351989041693