DC and Big Brother have teamed up to recount some of the best (and worst) memories in the Big Brother legacy with “The Big Brother Book."

Skateboarders identify Big Brother for pushing social boundaries with its antics, controversial topics and early articles featuring rip-off schemes like how to make a fake ID.

Sean Cliver says, "Big Brother magazine featured a lot of ridiculous , fly by night advertisers over the years- Black Jesus ? - but DC Shoes was with us from the moment the company was founded in 1994 to the very last issue in 2004. So we’re super happy they came along the long dead corpse of Big Brother and trot it back out for a generation of skateboarders that have probably only heard whispered rumors of its former existence. Without the generous support and interest of DC Shoes, we never would have been able to produce a book like this to memorialize the best, the worst and the stupid of Big Brother magazine."

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