Cover - Sidewalk issue 1. Sept/October 1995 £1.95 (Throwback Thursday)
Tom Penny shows that it’s officially okay to grab again with a kickfliplein over Mount Radlands. Photo: The Notorious Wig Worland
The Fabric contents page.
Ben ‘legs’ Bodilly hoists one over a Cornish bin - another Wig classic. Also featuring a screen grab sequence of Tom Penny doing a blindside flip to fakie over the Radlands big hip, complete with VHS timestamp. Old school…

Photo: Wig Worland

Caption – “Not one to follow fashion, Ewan lets his fleshy tongue hang out, rather than his Vans"
Photo: Wig Worland.
You can also see a 4-frame sequence of Harry Bastard –
Caption – “Holy Harry! The Northern electro rocking fruit god clears the lot with a bionic ollie".
Photos: Hairspray Heaven.
Note the Schuh and Sole Trader logos!
Who’s that under the table?
With a banging Carl Shipman tuck knee photo over the same hip as the cover.
Photo: Wig Worland.
Also features a Guy Mariano switch backside 5.0 (labelled switch backside tailslide) curiously wearing adidas, despite his Converse advert in the same issue.
Photo: Wig Worland.
Also featuring Mr. Geoff Rowley boosting a flip fakie on the famous Radlands Roll in.
Caption: “Skate artist Keenan Milton paints a switch k-grind onto the freestanding bar".
Photo: Horse
Caption: “The side barrier of the vert ramp had to be removed in order to let Cardiel kill himself."
Photo: Wig Worland.
Check Phelps holding onto his pole in the background. Also Jason Lee in full comp mode!
Caption: “Jason Lee’s style is like no other. Frontside beard slide."
Photo: Horse.
Panic Skateboards (pre cursor to the mighty Blueprint) ran a Rob Selley advert still and sequence of a switch k-grind in the, at-that-point, fairly untouched Milton Keynes.
Photo: Alvin Singfield. (Check that Droors Clothing shirt!)

Wearing the Vans Salman Agah shoe, (which you either loved or hated).

An article about exploiting your environment written by Chris Pulman featuring Harry Bastard ollieing over a fully grown roundabout, that ended up being used as the cover of Iain Borden’s seminal book ‘Skateboarding, Space and the City: Architecture and the Body (2001).
Caption: “Harry had been eyeing up this monster for weeks, then one fresh night in Cowley, Oxford, his hunger was satisfied."
Photo: Horse.
The same piece also featured Ricky Oyola pole jamming at a very clean looking Southbank.
Caption: “If you hit something fast enough, it’s not gonna move."
Photo: Horse.