Shiner Distribution recently turned 40 years old and as with all 40 year olds they decided to throw a whistles and bells gathering. Held in the parking lot next to the warehouse the event started at midday and continued on until the sun had well and truly buggered off. With bands, booze and banging sessions on the miniramp and recently added concrete sections everyone had an amazing time and Shiner did themselves proud. Here's to another 40. Have a scroll through some shots that Leo Sharp MBE took on the day plus a Ben Powell created insta mix. Cheers to one and all!

Hair share with Goff, Grim and Churchell
Chris Allen & George Powell hyped on the day
Reese banana arm frontside inverts
X-Factor hopefuls
Sleep when you're dead - right Dan?
Amazing concrete additions
Potter over Munns
Hairy, sweaty and slick
And another thing....! Doug & Div
With the smoothness
It was all too much for the wee fella