An opportunity like this one comes along very rarely. We are working on issue 8 and we got the chance to position this picnic table so as to display a great big 8 in your face. Stoked. Frank sporting his Slim Shady do too. There’s plenty of footage from this Ipswich playground on various videos from the late 90’s if you can be arsed searching…

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Yet another article inspired by a moment of madness.

“Jump ramps are kinda in at the moment, let’s go down to Bristol and build one with Wainwright and co."

The idea was to hopefully help people build the perfect jump ramp by providing plans, along with lists of tools, materials etc. We had the jump ramp dream team on hand as well in the shape of Wainwright, James Hacker and the ever-flying Joe Habgood. Not that Danny ever needed a jump ramp to get high…


Corker of a Habgood photo this one. I remember getting the film back from the dev house and being so hyped on how it had turned out. Saying that, if it wasn’t for Joe it would just be a shitty photo of a wall. Nice one JH. As you can see from the ‘How To’ photos, we built it in the corridor of Danny’s house, bit of a tight squeeze that. Not sure the tranny was quite right, but it had the desired effect. Now go build one and bring back the hype…


The reason that I chose this is that the guy carving the white wall in London, (as featured in last months TBT) is none other than ‘The Boss’ Pete Turvey. I never knew him at the time but he’s a total ruler. And is that George Harrison watching him grab carve through a red flash? Bet you thought this would never see the light of day again eh Pete?


Before First Lights there were First Offences and also New Blood intro features. Wee Joe was a powerhouse coming out of Edinburgh and also a funny fucker. He was / still is a Jockey I think. Probably rules at that too. As Benji put it, “As well as being a beer crazy radge bastard, Joe is also a very talented skateboarder"


Obviously Shier was ‘hot stuff’ at this point, still on Panic and pushing fast footed skateboarding to its limits. Most of this interview was shot around his hometown of Croydon and the glorious Fairfields that had a similar vibe to Milton Keynes at the time. Check out how pristine the blocks and floor were back then. Superb! Also note a six frame sequence of a flip backlip - classic Canon T90 slow motor drive problems (where’s the flip?) Interviewed by Pritchard, Baines, Dan Magee and Colin Kennedy - “What’s the job like" - “I work on the check-in desk taking people’s shit and stuff but the funny thing is I’ve got so much power that if someone looks suspicious I can get them strip searched and shit"


Here’s a classic Wakefield spot. This must have been shot after a skate comp in Wakey at the infamous ‘Rehab’ skatepark. Classic Benny steez on a rad front smith behind the post box - a post box that Nick Remon crook bonked on the cover not that long ago. Look at the height on that thing. Yeah Remon! And yeah Benny.


Actually it was probably this comp that Benny was attending when he did that smith grind. Comps were fully loaded back then, pretty much the entire UK scene tried to make it up or down to any event, which was obviously amazing.

Hidden in the corner of Rehab skatepark was a vert ramp that used to see some heavy action. This doubles photo is one of my all time favourite double photos because of the perfect angle line up of both boards. If you have a protractor handy check it out.


This was shot as part of a ’scene report’ on Scotland called To Be Continued… as it was impossible to get everyone in the article in such a short space of time. Being on a monthly deadline meant that we could only really afford to go places for a long weekend at best. John was obviously on some next level shit at this time and we all know where that led. Legend!


Colin possessed the vitamins and minerals to get up on ledges where mere mortal men could only dream of getting. Check out Rattray’s XT tyres and the height that he somehow summoned when we drove to the highlands to shoot this dirt board sequence.


Look at the loft on that! Rune flies high on a classic Andy Scott Motorhead board. Is Missile Park still there? Answers on a knee gasket to the usual address.