Brian Sumner (incorrectly named Summers again!) Switch 180 5.0 in Liverpool - Photo:
Here's a very young Brian Sumner sporting full Flip attire on his way to make a name for himself. Sorry for getting your name wrong almost every issue mate….

Paul sporting the classic ‘finger gun’ steez that he still possesses to this day. I have no idea why I was in a shopping centre in Croydon at this point in my life. It could have been a house party at Shier’s dad’s house come to think about it.

The small print on this page claimed “if you cut off your arms and nail them to some wood we will definitely print a picture of them."

Also on this page we had managed to get our own email address via a company called Feedback that used to manage the band 808 State, so random. I don’t think we ever used that email address as no one else had one to communicate back to us. Strictly fax bitch!


One of the first Blueprint adverts to grace the pages of Sidewalk. This one features a shadowy night time kickflip from Mark Baines along with some ‘looking through windows’ snaps…

The fledgling team consisted of Daniel Magee, Mark Baines, Ewan Bowman, Flynn Trotman & Mike DeGeus R.I.P.


This was the opener of a four page feature on Ian Gunner and Matt Anderson.

These two were pretty much joined at the hip back then and were busy killing Harrow skatepark on a daily basis.

We even managed to drag them out to shoot some street stuff too (in the middle of winter) Gunner ollies the bollocks and Matt crooks a legit handrail.


I seem to remember saying that if Ben did this trick I’d buy him a can of Super T.

He was hyped and did it to forwards and to fakie (unexpected). This photo was used to accompany an article written by Ged Wells (of Insane Skateboards) and it was quite literally insane as well, god knows what the kids made of it. An excerpt of it reads:

"It is a fact that the average skater loses so much knee skin in a year that if all his knee skin was collected it could be recycled to make a winter coat for a goat."


Here’s a classic Flip advert for you. Riffing off the Beatles cover for A Hard Day’s Night. This ad was released just as the team were in the middle of destroying America and filming some of your favourite video parts from back then. Think Etnies High Five and think Tom Penny.


This remains a solid idea that should probably be brought back at some point. We asked a bunch of heads what they would be doing if they didn’t skate and then went out and shot a skate photo and a portrait of them in a parallel universe.

Mat Fowler would have been a hippy poet, whereas Colin Kennedy would have been a rugby player apparently...


Matt Pritchard claimed he would have been a pool shark (and not a TV personality that would end up nailing his balls to a bit of wood.) Mark Channer would have and may still be a computer geek and to finish it all off, Harry ‘Bastard’ Allen said he would have been an industrial saboteur, there’s still time mate…


Check out the UK’s very own Jason Dill. Those fists, Dill fists. White tee, blue jeans backside tailslide on the marble monument in Nottingham, this was a Sunday hotspot back then. Sadly gone now and replaced by grannies and tramps on benches. Check out the Panic Skateboards PNC tee. Brown leather belt slightly visible to top the 90’s uniform off.

WOW! Still mental. Rushbrooke actually looks like he’s reading the text on the page as he lofts this frontside floater. This was an article about how good books are and how shit TV was/is.
This copy of Fingerprints of the Gods was doing the rounds and covered the 'did aliens build the pyramids?' theory which, considering the amount of smoke we inhaled back then was a must have, (along with Mario Kart & Street Fighter).


Simon was Big Brother gold back then and often had the best kooky and inventive adverts. You could never guess what the next idea was gonna be with Simon. A constant inspiration to Dan Cates as well as you can well imagine. I seem to remember he had a suit made entirely from tennis balls as well….

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