Cover - Mike Manzoori frontside boardslides the Hubba at Soutbank. Gloriously lit by Wig Worland.


Wakefield Rehab skatepark was where a lot of the action was happening in 1995. I remember taking hours to digitally cut out the sequence of Mark Baines doing this switch frontside flip and then giving it a RAVEY DAVEY background of intense orange in order to bring him out of the sketchy VHS frame grabs. That hip saw an insane amount of action. Check how small we ran a photo of Rattray catching a mental frontside flip. Doyles!


Danny Wainwright looks like a slick back rocket in this photo from an old Cantelowes comp. Another hip that saw ‘mad action’ over the years. Check out Ben Jobe standing in the background viewing Danny’s trajectory.

Photo: Wig Worland


Two quarter page adverts from issue 2 from legendary shops, (RUDE in Ipswich & Sumo in Sheffield) with Frank Stephens ollieing off a roof in Ipswich for the RUDE advert. This, along with the backside flip frame grab at the end of issue 2, inspired us to go spend some time with him and the ‘Tough Guys’ in Ipswich (the rest is history). Sumo keeping the Pager dream alive, (big up Motorola!)


Simon Evans styling out a frontside nose grind in SF. Photos of Simon were as rare as hen’s teeth. God knows were we got this from! Maybe it was a Wig Worland hookup. Photo by Lorenz? Anyone?

Check out Drake Jones in the background with the mandatory 90’s backpack…


From the same article on City Skating, Ricky Oyola ollies the hip that no one skated at the White Wall in London. Ricky actually wrote the article for us too which was rad considering his status at that time…

Photo: Wig Worland


This was the poster pull out in issue 2. Tom Penny blindside nollie flip Meanwhile 2!

This is still mind blowing now obviously. I don’t know why we ended up at Meanwhile that day, but this was literally produced from Tom fucking around and then pulling this one out of the bag. Legend!

Photo: Wig Worland


John Rattray scored an intro in this issue getting grabby at Livingston. “Do you think Scotland should be liberated?" “No. It’s just a lump of rock".

Joining him on that page is a photo of a young Koston with two Northampton scallie girls who were all over him at Radlands. Ha!


One of the first Flip adverts that not many will remember. Probably a bunch of Ian Deacon’s MOD mates along with a long head Geoff Rowley.


Also in the same issue as John Rattray’s Intro, was Ali Boulala’s: 16 years old and fresh as fuck wearing the early 1990’s uniform of white tee blue jeans. Photo by Nick Hamilton who is now the content director for Transworld Snowboarding.


The main interview in issue 2 was with Colin Kennedy who used to regularly get the bus down from Glasgow and sleep on our sofa in Oxford, so it seemed like a good idea to collect enough stuff to run an interview. We painted CK grey and stood him in a pond to simulate a statue which half worked but left him crete-coloured for a few days. Check that boosted nollie heel at the Beige in MK (NO SKATEBOARDS) and those sand coloured Polo cargo pants, big in the game. Reprecement!


Alan Rushbrooke contorts as only Rushbrooke could over a pristine looking Broadmarsh hip (R.I.P). This was during an impromptu Nottingham session joined by Ricky Oyola. Random!

Photo: Wig Worland


This groundbreaking video grab sequence was the beginning of Frank Stephen’s total UK destruction. Timeless backside flip the Liverpool Street double set. Above this Neil Urwin nosegrinds up close and personal again at Liverpool Street.