Mark was busy being the new wonder kid on the block - whilst we were getting his trick names wrong! This cover was wrongly captioned as a switch frontside flip (which it obviously wasn’t, duh) The Beige stairs in MK were the place to cut your teeth back then and were flooded at the weekends hence the NO SKATEBOARDS sign.


Getting on an American company was a big deal back then and getting a full page advert was even more of a big deal. Urwin and his massive pop had been backwards and forwards to the USA at this point (despite his intense fear of flying) and he was busy filming for the next New Deal video. Looks like they had plenty of footage of his arse! Come on mate, sort it out.


Rehab Skatepark, along with Radlands was our second home at this point and weekends would disappear in the various dusty rooms. literally anything would go back then often sleeping on the flat bottom of the vert ramp or just skating all night. This switch wallride by Carl Shipman was and still is a stylish pisstake. Carl had these on lock as you’ll see later….


Still not sure what that nickname meant? Dave Allen was and still is a power to behold, a bit like chucking a fridge out of a helicopter and seeing what happens. How he didn’t snap a deck every time he landed to disaster is beyond me. A classic Radlands backdrop hosts a monster slob air and Bath vert R.I.P holds together after a sad grab to rock fakie.


Everyone that remembers the Sheep brand will do so with warm fondness. From it’s simple classic skate shoe designs to it’s groundbreaking adverts. Always a treat. Here we see Mike Manzoori who held the Sheep ethos close to his heart getting his vert on, a true ATV. Mike had jumped ship and was living in the USA at this point, and still is. We miss you Mike!


Siesta was a fresh clothing brand coming out of Cornish Cornwall. With Alex & Phil at the helm they scoured the UK looking for the correct rippers to populate the team. Jon ‘Little Jon’ Weatherall was one of the first riders, helping him keep his adverts in every mag quota topped up. Anyone remember the Siesta hand grenade logo? It was everywhere back then.


Colin used to get the bus down to Oxford quite a lot back then. This block was right by the bus station and super high, it was almost a pisstake question asking him to try this but in true CK fashion he nailed it (albeit the very end). I can’t be sure but I think we all got pissed up on vodka and orange, snapped each others boards and put them in a bin during this particular stay. Ah, the good old days…


Rob Selley, Bobby G, mayor of MK etc etc etc. Rob owns Milton Keynes as you know / should know. This switch crooked grind photo still remains one of my favourite photos that i’ve taken in the past however many years, probably a happy accident on the settings that day. That photo seems to capture the mid 90’s perfectly, beefed up tongues, grey top, blue jeans and Philly steez. So dope! Check the bolts switch backside 5.0 shove.


It’s a crying shame that this spot was bulldozed. It was perfect. Carl was flying high with DC at this point and trips to London to shoot stuff was fairly regular. I can’t remember the reason we were down there when I shot this sequence but I do know that I was hyped. Classic Shippo steez featuring double denim.


I’m pretty sure that Silvester skated switch 80% of time around this era. The switch witch. This was the opener for a scene check on Leeds that included most of the heads from back then. Pretty much shot over a weekend I remember being shocked by the productivity and abundance of spots - a trait that still exists in Leeds to this day. Switch 180 over a bit of shitty wood that we dragged out of a skip. Art Attack!


Another banger of a diatribe from Chris Pulman about just sticking to the tricks that feel good rather than chasing the brain melting combos that were going on back then. Sporting the first wave of adidas skateshoes Pete could beat any miniramp into submission usually with his partner in trannie crime Alan Rushbrooke. Classic LORD tee as well. Hello Andy Coombes wherever you are...

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