A four-frame sequence as a cover! We were pushing the limits right there.

This was shot just after the release of Eastern Exposure so it was 'steaming hot' classic D Wains steez on this one too.


Check the dreads! I think this was one of the first photos that Alex Moul shot after his hiatus. The caption would suggest so.

"Now that skateboarding is humane again Alex Moul enjoys skateboarding for fun" Nosegrind - Photo: Horse


Look at Dan Magee's lovely little fresh face. Another one of the first Blueprint adverts to grace the pages of the mag.

Smithgrind and design lessons by Daniel Magee.


This was one of the early és adverts. Featuring Paul Sharpe hucking a frontside ollie and offering the aura system crashed in the heel. These were dope kicks and I remember sporting at least 2 pairs of these badboys. Check that wish list of 90's humans as well….


Those were the days, when you could cobble together an article around going to Wales to get pissed for Pritchard's birthday.

Penblwydd Hapus is Happy Birthday in Welsh. Featuring John Cattle blindside flipping, a sequence of Mike 'Pancho' Locke getting pissed and tortured "Mike, your shoes are missing" and a classic finger pointing sequence of Paul Shier back 5050-ing a clean looking Lloyds. Shier sequence by


Quite a productive few days down West considering the size of the hangovers. Baines nails a Sumo sponsored backside nosegrind, Harry ollies over the bar and into the bank at the Council offices, Hacker pops a concrete cock out of a shit bank and Pulman scores a tiny sequence. Baines & Hacker photos by


We ran a reader's survey with the promise of free stickers if you sent them back in filled out. It did surprisingly well. Dope photo of Penny 5.0 180 out at the jokeshop HB ledge and stairs spot. Alien Workshop won the best skate company and Tom won best skater. 42 people admitted padding their shoes out!


We still had staples back then and this afforded us to run posters every issue which was rad.

Thousands of kids had an in-your-face photo of Channer's arse on their bedroom walls. Photo:


I jumped on a train from Oxford to Cornwall in order to hang out with the locals and put together an article on the largely ignored crew of rippers that lived down there. Featuring a pop shove from Dan Richardson and a rooftop kickflip from wee Giles (are these guys still around?).


Sumo ahead of the game with a clean looking 1/4 page featuring Joel Curtis, Louis Slater, Mark Baines and Carl Shipman.

The Slam advert was one of a series, these were always rad - "Keith was stoked on his new tag"


We shot this portrait in the front room of our house using a roll of lino and the bathroom mirror. Worked out well considering. We were all into watching horror films and this was a copy of the ‘Henry - Portrait of a serial killer’ cover, (Google the cover and compare and contrast) People still talk about this sequence of a pisstake 5050 near Nottingham castle. So sick! Sequence:

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