Ali Cairns - Backside air, Kingston vert ramp - photo:

I still love this cover, even though it’s a basic trick it has a nice balance to it. Nice and green. There was and still are a very small amount of outdoor vert ramps in the UK. Kingston was always high on the list to shoot photos at because of its red surface and the fact that it was fairly well looked after. Ali was just starting his vert attack at this time seemingly learning a new trick on a weekly basis, always hyped to go shoot photos.


The Train Spotting film had just been released and posters were selling like hotcakes in HMV. Panic Skateboards struck whilst the iron was hot and ran this pisstake advert based on the classic Train Spotting poster. I remember having to shoot Colin and John Weatherall’s portraits in my bedroom as the deadline was looming. We sellotaped a pound coin to Colin’s finger to look like a sovereign ring and chucked a full bucket of water over John, ha ha ha.


Wig was spending a lot of time in Liverpool back then so this naturally led onto putting together a feature. This was the opener with a young Brian Sumner in full Flip gear heel flipping a shopping trolley (I still think it looks like a 360 flip) we went for a full obvious Yellow Submarine theme and hopefully got the right heads in there…


Because of the Flip connection back then, a young Ali Boulala was also spending time with Brian Sumner in Liverpool enabling Wig to get this banging shot of him frontside boardsliding on that classic Penny board. Steez…


Droors jeans were top of the list for all wannabe cool guys back in the mid 90's. Always spot on with their advertising too using rad / retarded ideas that seemed to come from the Big Brother school of thought. Rob Dyrdek was peaking at superstar status and was often the one being stuck to the wall or covered in paint… Too good.


This made the poster spot in a still stapled together magazine. Shot in the middle of a disused US military compound near Ipswich - I can still remember being so stoked to find a genuine US style Fire Hydrant in the UK. Everything in the compound was meant to simulate a fake America. We thought it deserved to be the poster as it was a pretty nuts situation to be in.


Those were the days. A piss wet Sunday in Oxford led us to take a chair from the kitchen and drag it down to the underground carpark and create an article from the event. The chair was ollied, smashed, wallied and finally burnt whilst Rob Johnson did a wallride over. Easy! Check Harry sitting on said chair whilst waiting for the bus into town…


This was a cheeky 2 page interview with the legendary Pete Dossett. Two pages packed with classic banter like, “The van was always overloaded, sweets, wads of porno mags, Jeremy would always be stressing out. Alex Moul cranking the stereo with ding-dong nose bleed door bell music. Once, Justin set off a starter's gun filling the van with thick smoke, blinding us all"

Interview by Andy Coombes


I’m pretty sure this was from my first visit to the USA. Geoff had been there for a few years living in Huntington Beach. HB was the place to be, rammed full of ‘names’ and packed with skatespots. I was staying at the Flip house with Ali Cairns. We basically shot this interview in around a week. I remember going to this handrail Geoff wanted to skate but there was a bike chained to the end, no problem, we just shifted the bike and Geoff obviously nailed it.

“Even in the future, when people are doing 270 flip to Nancy slides on moving car roofs, this nosegrind down 10 stairs will be sick" - How true!


Another photo from his interview in this issue. These were the infamous Balboa bumps, you can’t really see how high these are from the photos but they were like curb cuts on steroids. You could get some serious lift from them. Muska used to skate them all the time, in fact it was here that I bumped into Tom Penny with Muska both dressed in all black outfits with black beanies in the boiling hot weather. Geoff also had a rad VW Kahman Ghia (pictured).


Back then we used to get articles sent to us in the post, all that we had to do was match a photo and job done. I had this photo of Toby Shuall doing a nollie 5.0 near Liverpool Street and by happy accident it had produced a spark. Perfect to run alongside an article on technophobia right….???

“Computer, Shut it off, do it, NOW! Burn the fuckers man, they’re taking over, can’t you see. Computers must die - your life depends on it"