1-Callum McRobbie-Tailblock-Kettering

This spot takes some serious hard work to get to the top of and if your shins catch the barriers at the bottom then, well… I won’t go into that! To make matters worse Callum had a sports hernia that was getting a thorough workout with the uphill run up...But at least his deck looks awesome for the photo! It’s always fun shooting with Callum, it's always going to look good.

2-Chris Barrett-Ollie-Manchester

I’ve always wanted to shoot something with Chris after seeing his amazing Haunts article shot by Leo a while back. During an advert photo mission with everyone’s favourite keen enthusiast, John Bell, Chris decided to jump over this massive electrical box. I’ve always wanted to get something extra in my photos (Sam Ashley's photos are often blessed with that extraneous piz-az). On this occasion a suited man walked into the shot perfectly whilst Chris snapped this huge Ollie. Let’s shoot more again soon Chris!

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3-Shaz Jaffer-Switch Kickflip

Even if I don’t shoot as much as other people, I’m still stoked on the few things I do get and this is one I'm really into. Shaz has a booming switch flip and the hunt to find the perfect obstacle for him to send one over was constantly seeked. Little did I know the place to do it would be just round the corner of my local skate shop Chopper, Kettering. Style matters!

4-Trever Johnson-Footplant-Peterborough

Trevor ‘Basics’ Johnson is one of my favourites to shoot with but I just don’t get to enough! On this particular sesh, Vinny Mandes' board shot out a couple times to the extent of almost impaling Ant Smith. Other dangers included the massive septic pit next to it, grass snakes, the risk of Tetanus and a hole half way down the transition, but this spot is still the best, oh and if I didn’t say before, so is Trev. Basics mush!

6-Eric Thomas-5050-Leicester

When people say that Get Lesta filmer Callun Loomes makes it all happen for his videos, it certainly isn't pre-meditated, we just sit back and get driven around! This took him and Eric at least two hours to just wax enough to make grindable, only to then get kicked off. Upon returning the next week I was fortunate enough to join them for Eric to do it straight away. Easy life for some ay? To see this published double page out of nowhere was amazing, thanks again to Callun and Eric.