I first saw this spot whilst driving back up North to see the folks. At this time it was a fully functioning Little Chef restaurant that was open from dawn ‘till dusk, so it remained a pipe dream for years... Until one pissed up night in Nottingham when I decided it would be a good idea to get Ian Reece (sober) to drive my car along with Ben Grove (pissed) just in time for the sun to come up, get a photo and bugger off before the Little Chef staff turned up. We got there and it was still dark but the sun was on it’s way up so we flung Grove up onto the roof wet from dew and he started trying kickflip fakies, we shot quite a few and he nailed it so we were getting ready to go when a Landrover skidded into the exit trying to stop us from leaving (it turned out that the manager lived just beyond the trees and had spotted us) He was super hill billy and super angry. We had to mount the grass verge to escape. A close shave. The photo that you see here was a way more gentle scenario. It was getting dark on the way back from shooting some stuff in glorious Rotherham, we drove past the roof and Alex couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give it a cruise. The thing is way too big to light up with flashes efficiently so I had to push the camera to the ultimate limit. He reeled out a bunch of tre flips and I shot away at 6400 ISO. I thought it was a lost cause, but when Snapseed did it’s magic I was stoked…


This was a breakfast spot find. What you can’t see is the joint where we were eating eggs and bacon literally to the left. We gave the box a good check before Alex, Sid and Dylan got their boards from the car. We managed to get a decent 30 minute session in with no hassle from ‘the man’ at all. Strange for Downtown San Diego. It’s actually 2 shots cut together making it a budget X-Pan wanna be. I remember Alex being stoked on this as he hadn’t lipslid anything for ages. The box got a seeing to by all. Check out the ‘Point Of Interest’ feature on this here website for further ripping.


The main reason that I love this photo is that we needed my foldable piece of wood to help Benson get up the curb. I’d been driving it around Liverpool all weekend and it was pissing me off that it had been useless. You can just about see it on the floor propped up with a cruiser. Check that timeless front rock steez, years of Livi training right there in a split second. It was quite a battle as the run up was dog shit and it was basically a vert wall. But we all knew Benson had it. Super hyped on this. Blue and green FTW. Want footage?


So stoked that Darius did this. It’s been at the 'Nottingham Park and Ride' since I can remember. I think we might have tried to get Harry Bastard to do it back in the day but were probably too stoned to deal with the situation. The next I heard Alex Hallford had posted himself whilst trying it. I though it would never be conquered, until the power of the dungarees hit the East Midlands. We went to check it out and he nearly did it in a handful of tries and then the heavens opened. We actually waited for the rain to go and the floor to dry up and he tried again and nailed it. So dope! In this frame a lorry blurted past in the background puffing out white smoke so he looks even more defined, all hail the happy accident!


I’ve been shooting photos of and with Scotty for over 20 years. He's an owner of ‘the shapes’ I can’t think of a bad photo that I’ve shot with him. Crazy hair and arms to boot. These banks are around a foot tall and impossible to ride up let alone fly out of. Only Scotty could have done this channel leap and I’m stoked to have been there to capture this shot. Reminds me of a Big Brother photo, maybe it’s the deck graphic or maybe it’s the close quarters ‘smash your fisheye to bits’ angle. These little nightmares are on the outskirts of the Meadows and it can get sketchy there. Go check them out if you are in Notts, but you won’t be able to skate them that’s for sure. 100% brilliant Scotty! Cheers mate.


Here’s another stunt that features on the ‘Point Of Interest’ edit. We visited Stu and spent a few days with him in San Diego. Washington Street skatepark was literally his second home, watching him chuck his massive frame around is a sight to behold (especially the slams). I like this photo as it looks like it was shot on the surface of another planet, crazy Martian sun going down in the background creating an orange backdrop. Stu cruised this and made it look like he was pissing around on a mini-ramp, like he does. He taught my flashes a lesson or two as well, thanks to Mouly for being on Flash duty. 10 thumbs up!