1-Kyron Davis-Bag Lady-Cirencester

Even though Kyron Davis had just done 2 weeks straight on the Nike SB summer tour, he was transplanted straight into the van of the 'Where's Cliche?' trip. Murmurings of 'being too tired to skate' and 'might just have to sit and watch bruv' soon became mere whispers on the Indian summer breeze as Ky proceeded to smash almost every spot we rocked up to. This 'bag lady' was shot on a whim (mostly due to the sunset and it's proximity to the tranny wall at Cirencester plaza) after a long day skating, signing and demoing. You would have thought that tiredness had completely set in by then? Wrong. After beers and a massive dinner, it was well after midnight when we rocked up at the Reading Travelodge. The adjacent transitioned banks were just too good to refuse. Ky got to work on wall riding the job centre sign to the amusement of the assembled Salvation Army ejectees.

2-Rikk Fields-Ollie-Cornwall

Rikk Fields is a Wigan born beast of epic proportions (at least in a figurative sense) that will skate absolutely anything you put in front of him. He shreds the living shit out of transition but is just as comfortable sliding down a handrail, unless of course he falls off, in which case he is usually very uncomfortable and tends to writhe on the floor quite a bit. Our story begins in a seemingly distant universe called 'summer' when Rikk was residing at 'Chez Belvedere' in Falmouth. As most Wiganers are accustomed, Rikk was taking regularly walks on Gyllyngvase beach in a very 'well to do' manner when he got the urge to start chucking himself off stuff and into stuff. He tried (as others have) to frontside grind this extremely tight and rugged concrete transition but could not quite get his truck to make decisive contact with Cornish lip. So he decided to ollie into it instead. I know what you're thinking: 'Where did he land - bet it was almost on the flat!'. Actually, no. See where the top of those weeds on the end wall reach to? That's about where his back wheels made contact.

Mr Fields had many more four wheeled adventures whilst in 'The Kern', but this is definitely one of the gnarliest things I witnessed his Jack Russell like frame perform. Come back son Paaaaal!

3-Eddie Belvedere-Wallie-Cornwall

Eddie Belvedere and I actually shot this during our respective lunch hours. It had been a showery morning with most surfaces around the village of Penryn still pretty wet. But the sun decided to come out and Eddie was keen to wallie out of the side of a house. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but most people wouldn't be too keen on hoying themselves 10 feet in the air only to land on a gravel rough, dog-soldier ridden floor with the added possibility of shooting straight into a stone wall. Eddie actually likes adding these factors into the mix. So you can imagine his delight when the door to the house wall that he was wallieing off opened revealing a slightly irate woman reigning in a huge dog. Luckily for us, when she figured out that the noise wasn't actually someone trying to drive a steamroller straight into her kitchen, she said it was cool to continue. I don't think the continued intermittent downpours bothered Ed too much and he soon handled a boosted wallie into the steep Cornish alleyway. Needless to say, we both made it back to work on time.

4-Chris Jones-Noseslide-London

I've known Chris Jones for a good few years now. It's been a pleasure watching him grow from an unassuming, polite welsh kid with mad skills into the stylish yet gnarly street chomper he is today. CJ or 'The Bank Manager' (as he was dubbed by fellow Welshman Dylan Hughes) enjoys finding a line that no one has thought of (or that no one has considered possible) at new or well-established spots. This gap to nose slide spot is right across the road from London's main Elephant and Castle ledges. Having been there a good few times trying to decide if anything was possible with the lack of run up (there's a short pavement ending abruptly in a busy main road), I'd never actually considered that the spot could be skated across the gap. The one push run up has to be executed with your foot behind your board, as the wall is just wide enough to ride along. So you would have thought there wouldn't be enough speed to clear the gap, let alone get a decent nose slide. I'm sure CJ enjoys the escalated level of difficulty as he somehow managed to do this with no apparent effort in just a few goes without his board shooting out into the main road. Next Level ability. Go and check his tricks in the Nike NESW edits - the ollie over the rail into the bank at the end of the 'West' edit is not possible.

5-Paul Shier-Wallie-California

I met up with International man of mystery Paul Shier on a trip out to LA in the summer of 2014. You would have thought with all the added responsibility of being DVS team manager, husband, Bernard the dog carer and recent addition to the over 40s club, Shier might have decided to slow down his own skateboarding a little. Not even mate. If anything, this South London expat seems to be keener than ever. Over a period of 24 hours we shot 4 photos (none of them at an 'easy' spot by any means) plus Shier took a few of his trademark slams. This wallie wasn't the most difficult in terms of the trick, more the fact that the cycle path you have to skate down as run up is busy with angry nut cases intent on causing injury. And there's a steep bank leading straight into a river. Paul's board went for a couple of swims during this session, once getting rescued by a guy walking his dog through the river (it's only half a foot deep) and once involving himself wading out to get it. Luckily it's LA and the sun dries things out pretty quickly. The wallie got steezed and we both left to get I.D.ed in a bar.