Garry 'Woody' Woodward was on a rampage back in the early 00's and had his eye on a glut of never-been-dones in and around Manchester.

Episode 3 of Crates showed you what happened when he took on the Castlefield rail and now in episode 8 we see Woody once again stepping up where nobody had stepped up before.

The Gasworks gap had a element of myth to it, as despite the fact that the stairs and flat area behind the gap were sessioned hard for years, until Woody took his top off, nobody had even considered that ollieing the gap from the street, over the fence and into the lower level was a possibility. This one didn't take such a toll on his paper-wrists thankfully, and after a heroic sesh back in 2002 with Neil Chester in tow, Woody added another notch to his bedpost.

The Gasworks gap remained untouched after Woody's maiden voyage until Ben Grove ollied it in a line in his 2006 'Urbane mob' Unabomber part.

Big up Woody!

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The man!


Very few grind this renowned Manchester rail, so it's always rad seeing someone hit it that way, esepcially due to the obscure angle.


The ollie in question, ridiculous!


Back smithing through the night.


Always keen for the hammers, Woody backside 50's a monster.


Throwing shapes under the bridge for this backside noseblunt.