Louie's Traintrack Ollie

The WESC offices are in this industrial park on the edge of Stockholm. Round the back of the actual office were some train tracks that the rest of the industrial park no doubt once used to ship products. Not only were the tracks and platform very picturesque due to their industrial and seemingly abandoned nature, they were also a haven for making and setting-up skateable objects. After an hour or so of skating various stuff we'd rigged up we started to look at the potential for a stupid ollie across the tracks. It looked invitingly possible to ride down the platform, carve ninety degrees and then ollie out over the tracks landing into a bank that we'd cover in wood for run out if we managed to convince anyone to try it.

At the time it was one of those silly things you look at saying, "someone could do that" but without really expecting anybody to step up. Well, true to his Chesterfield form, Louie stepped straight up saying he reckoned he could have it. We were a little apprehensive at first but started to scout for the required items anyway. Idle hands, devil's work and all that. We grabbed some sheets of ply for the run out as there was loads of shit lying around, we drilled the first ply into the railway sleepers so that when the next sheet was laid over the end it would bend to the angle of the bank. Tech eh?

The whole run out just led straight into a load of trees. The second sheet was metal and so heavy; it took about six of us to even carry it. Honestly it was the craziest thing to behold, the run up with a harsh carve right before you popped and the landing, well that was just plain sketchy, even by British standards. Check the photo to see how the second metal sheet stuck up as we needed it on top as to keep the first sheet bent. The whole scenario was rounded off perfectly by Louie being the pikey that he is and wearing Oxfam trackies, yes. track-suit bottoms, brown Stoke City ones to be exact.

After getting it all ready and sweeping it clean, Louie was ready to step to it. A few bails to get the angle you needed from the run-up occurred and he started to commit to some. He was landing it, but was getting thrown off the front since the first ply was absorbing his ollie and bouncing him off again, throwing him onto the second metal sheet knees and wrists first and, like I said, protected by mere trackies! All this and you had to climb back onto the platform, which was about five/six foot high after every go. Crazy. After a bunch of attempts and some harsh slams, he held on to one and rode it away for a while only for a tree to be approaching rather fast. So with no other choices he just leaned back and let himself fall back onto his arse coming to a halt right at the base of the tree. The trackies were ripped on both knees and the arse, Baines' prized jacket was ripped at the elbow, as were both knees and palms cut to shreds. It was amazing he had it, I hope these photos do it justice cause l highly doubt you'II ever see this 'spot' again.

Nice one Louie, this is for you. (PS. He's still wearing those Stoke City trackies too, gypsy king that he is).

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All photo's by Andy Horsely


Collection of snapshots from a trip to Sweden - roughly based around us following Mark Baines & Benny Fairfax to their first WE clothing photoshoot. We managed to cobble together an article somehow in amongst booze and various incidents.


Benny Fairfax and his trademark ‘popped to fuck’ nollie heelflip. I love the Nosferatu shadow on the wall (so much that I have it tattooed on my back) This was the trip that saw Benny get his break on Stereo Skateboards after Jason Lee and Chris Pastras watched him skate flatland for an hour on the train platform that was to become Louie’s run up for the death leap.


Random Stockholm street find. Benny switch ollies a goldie looking chain (that was actually silver).


Mark Baines switch frontside nose slides a stones throw away from the WE warehouse. You can probably tell it was fucking freezing that day!


The carefree days of long ago saw us wander onto a ferry and travel to Finland (for no other reason than it was labelled the ‘Party Boat’ so we thought fuck it. After literally a plateful of stolen caviar Mathias ground up a ferry strut. So much shit went down on this 12 hour ferry trip from chilling in jacuzzi’s overlooking the fiords, stealing lunch and dinner, Mathias splitting his head wide open trying to break into our own room and all kinds of other random shit.


Mammoth pop in a Finnish drained pond (i was sat on a mound of dead frogs whilst I cropped out his arm) I must have been going through a cropping phase back then BD (before digital).


Collage of Louie’s torture leap. We literally wouldn't let him stop until he’d ridden out of it to some degree. It was just too RAD. The runout was second to all. Totally piss poor!


You can’t really tell how shockingly rad this was. I guess after you've watched this episode of Jake's Crates you should have some sort of idea. Nice one BUDGIE!!