The Broom Skatepark went off yesterday for it's BROOM X LEDGE skate comp. Heads from all over the country partook in the madness and made it a solid day - Check the footage & photos for the consistent battering the park received. Props to all involved! A massive YES to Callun for gathering and editing the footage. BOOM.

Thanks to the owners Sam North & Chris Straw

Words by Sam North.

Over 100 Skaters turned out from all over the country to compete in the 4 categories.

Under 12's ended with a manic who can clear the most boards on the jump box with Lewis Brower in first, Cameron Marlow in second, Ethan Adlem in third, Mathew Smith in 4th and 6 year old Rueben Marlow in 5th.

Under 16's went off with Alex Griffiths from Bristol in 3rd

Luke Schoonbrood in 2nd (who rolled his ankle in his heat and still smashed the final!)

And Broom Loyal Local James Pinnock taking first and immediately earning himself a spot on the Ledge Youth Team.

Over 16's ended with Joe Walker from Kettering in 3rd, Mark Stern in second, and Broom Local Jim Spencer in 1st who skated half the final with a snapped board.

The sponsored section finished with Lucas Healey in 3rd taking home £50

Ryan Price in 2nd with £100

And no surprises with Eric Thomas bagging the £200 top prize.

The best trick of the day earning £50 went to James OG Hewett for his epic 7" to 8" transfer!

Massive thanks to all involved, judges, MC's, Sponsors and everyone for coming down and hopefully we'll see you for the next BroomxLedge comp in the Autumn.

Photos by Horse Footage by Callun Loomes