The DC x Fifty Fifty Bristol GSD 2017 - Go Skateboarding Day event was back for another year at Bristol’s notorious Dean Lane Skatepark. There were prizes from DC and Fifty Fifty as well a bunch of cash up for grabs thanks to Monster.

With the weather on point, the huge turnout from the locals and the usual Deaner Carnage, it went down a treat.

Check out the gallery of shots below by Griff.

Edit via TwoBitSkateCo

DLH - Go Skateboarding Day 2017 from TWO BIT on Vimeo.

Big thanks to Tom Mangham, Griff, Syd at Fifty, Dave Snaddon and all those involved.


Mikael - hardflip. Photo: Griff


Dave Snaddon - pop shove. Photo: Griff


Ryan Price - nosegrind tailgrab to fakie. Photo: Griff


Josh Arnott - fakie ollie. Photo: Griff


Gabe Sydenham - double grab - Photo: Griff


Dave Snaddon - backside flip. Photo: Griff