All photos by Reece Leung

For the premiere of their One Star World Tour video at Bright Tradeshow, Converse decided to do something a little different and construct what looked like an awkward but fun bowl set up for an open session on the night of the video showing. Here's some of what went down courtesy of Reece Leung, with Zered Bassett, Tom Remillard, Arthur Derrien, David Stenstrom, Harry Lintell and Remy Taveira testing out the bowl's lines.

David Stenstrom - fakie ollie
Eli Reed - crooked grind
Harry Lintell - backside air
David Stenstrom - frontside tailslide
Eli Reed - mayday
Tom Remillard - half cab
Tom Remillard - frontside air
Remy Taveira - kickflip
Zered Bassett - frontside pivot
David Stenstrom - newer deal
Tom Remillard - front rock