6-Charlie Birch ollie out to backside wallride

Photos: CJ

Above: Charlie Birch, ollie to wallride

The Bones UK team hopped in the van and went on the road this summer racking up clips and enough photos for a mag article despite being chased by the weather and the remnants of NASS comedowns. Here's some bonus photos from CJ in the form of visits to the newly built Campus Pool near Bristol and the ever-popular Pumpcage in Manchester, click through to see what went down

Luke LcManus back smith

Back smith

Charlie Birch back lip

Back lip

3-Rooney-5050 up

5050 up

4-Rooney huracane


5-Luke McManus backside smithgrind

Back smith

8-Charlie Birch nosegrind


7-Luke McManus noseblunt slide


9-Dom Henry switch frontside flip

Switch frontside flip

10-Jordan Sharkey backside overcrook

Backside overcrook

11-Korahn Gayle backside tailslide shuv

Back tail shuv

12-Rooney noseblunt slide


13-Jordan Sharkey kickflip backside lip slide

Kickflip back lip

14-Val Sequeira 360 flip