The hottest Sunday this month saw a veritable Smörgåsbord of adidas Skateboarding heads descend on Blossom St, London for adidas Skate Copa Court 2017.

Despite early ominous-looking grey skies, the sun blasted through in the end and the crowds and assembled skate store crews were treated to a banging demo courtesy of Diego Najera, Benny Fairfax, Jake Donnelly, Nestor Judkins, Gustav Tonnesen, Gunes Ozdogan, Blondey McCoy, Heitor Da Silva and Magnus Bordewick.

Following the hectic hour plus team session, an adidas Skate Copa Court 'tricks for cash' event erupted with teams from stores such as Welcome, Note, Black Sheep, Slam City Skates, Slick Willies and various others, plus skaters from all over London battling it out to take the £1000 that Benny Fairfax was waving around a trick bait.

The session never once slowed down until closing time just after 7pm and it's safe to say that everyone in attendance had a good time. Big respect to all at adidas Skateboarding for putting on such a mewllow grass-roots oriented event, mad props to the team and all the skaters who braved the intense heat and a final get well soon to Awadh Mohammed who sustained a nasty looking ankle injury towards the end.

Above - Diego Najera follows a shifty flip. All photography by Chris Johnson.


Miles Silvas - backside tailslide. Photo CJ


Froby - backside nosegrind. Photo CJ


Jason Lewer - nosegrind tailgrab. Photo CJ


Nestor Judkins - wallie up to backside tailslide. Photo CJ


Magnus Bordewick - kickflip. Photo CJ


Matthew 'Nev' Nevitt - frontside tailslide. Photo CJ


Mike Clarkson - backside smithgrind. Photo CJ


Blondey McCoy - impossible tailgrab. Photo CJ