Yoan Taillandier's Minuit skate series returns

We're huge fans of the video output of Bordeaux based filmer and editor Yoan Taillandier so we're definitely hyped to see that his Minuit skate series is back with this latest Bordeaux clip.

Filmed entirely at night, (as you'd expect given the title) on the streets of Bordeaux, this is 3 minutes and 49 seconds of high-octane VX1 fish eye footage featuring a cast of previous Minuit regulars such as Aymeric Nocus, Emilien Andrieux, Charles Badi, Sebastien Daurel, Glen Fox, Leo Valls and Yoan Taillandier himself, plus a newer cast of faces including Manu Schenk, Paul Grund, Vincent Touzery, Ben Chadourne and Kevin Rodrigues.

Yoan's filming and editing is impeccable as always and the atmospheric levels are as high as you can expect. Low impact skateboarding, shot on ancient French architecture and set to 90's hip hop.

If Yoan Taillandier's work is new to you - peep this latest release then watch the 2012 'Minuit Meanwhile' release below, then head over to the Minuit web site to see an archive of all his Minuit films and those for Magenta Skateboards.