I'll let James introduce his latest project to you himself...

"In the spring of 2008 I spent five days traveling down the east coast of the south island of New Zealand with two of my good friends, Ross McGouran and Kris Vile, alongside a cast of local skateboarders and David Read, the mastermind behind the excellent NZ based skateboard and snowboard magazine, 'Manual'.

If truthful, I felt a little disappointed with the way my previous video project, 'Crossing Borders' had gone due to circumstances outside my control, so with this project I really wanted to put the effort into creating a series of films that I, and everyone else was hopefully going to be stoked on.

New Zealand is a wonderful place, and I hope that you will not only be blown away by the mental skating in the films, but also the beauty of a country so far removed from the way of life over here in the UK.

So, finally, I have the privilege of presenting to you 'With Vile and I', part 1."