Weedmaps - Road to the Spannabis Cup

The Weedmaps (yeah 'Weedmaps' it's a thing) crew of Braydon Szafranski, Tommy Sandoval, Boo Johnson and Marius Syvanen make the trek from Portugal, through Northern Spain, ending up in Barcelona for The Spannabis Cup.

"The Spannabis Cup?" we hear you exclaim - well, yes, whatever it is that you're thinking, you're probably in the right area. The Spannabis Cup is basically a trade expo for the premiere Cannabis growers and weed afficionados from across Europe. To quote their website:

"SPANNABIS, celebrating its eleven anniversary is consolidated as the most important Spanish cannabic event of the year, hand in hand with the Expocannabis fair in Madrid & Spannabis in Málaga."

Once you know that, it's not at all surprising that a guy famous for having 'Weed saves lives' written on his grip would be making a green pilgrimage to it really.

Anyhow - this is Episode 1 of the Weedmaps crew's journey to go get red-eyed and discuss THC - we'll keep you up to date with their presumably slow progress as things progress.

On the upside - there's some really cool skating mixed in with the travelogue style clip.

Go here for more info in The Spannabis Cup event.