This is Ben Raemers, he won 'skater of the day' on both Saturday and Sunday at War of the Roses - he was well happy! Anyway, scroll below to scope the full list of the unsponsored results, and consult the front page for footage...

Saturday - The Works, Leeds

Manny pad:

1- Ben Rowles

2- Jason Cloete

3- Joe Moore


1-James Foster

2- Jason Cloete

3- Callum O'Donnell

Mini ramp:

1- Kerr 'Silvergult' McLauchlin

2- Joe McGuffog

3- Alex

Sunday - Ramp City, Blackpool.

Stair jam:

1- Jacob Mintz

2- Ross Zajac

3- Joey Hurst

Hip jam:

1- Neil Worthington

2- Pete Copeland

3- Ralph Roberts

Mini ramp jam:

1- Jacob Mintz

2- Alex Lally

3- Mark Fenton