The entire Wangl Tangl crew ventured off up the mountain yesterday to partake in a bit of snowboarding, with varying degrees of success.

Hopefully Powley might get some Dad-cam snowboard footage to share with the world before the end of the week, but for now, check out some more snapshots.

Powley taking a break from abusing his team riders down the ramp to bore Manhead with stories about his Porsche in the lift.

Handy Scott and Manswede.

Marc Churchell and Bendy Nordberg.

Mayrhofen town from halfway up the mountain.

Nowik after run number one.

Shaun Whi...I mean...some gangsta on the slope.

Two damaged humans - Silent (knee) Powley (shoulder).

Nordberg on the ski lift.

...Andy on the same. And we out.