The Volcom 'Stone Age' tour came to an end in Manchester last night following a final days screeprinting and BBQing in Huddersfield and Preston. See below for Kevin Parrotts last blog installment, and keep an eye out for a variety of footage from the trip coming your way soon...

The final full day started at Endemic. Andy and his missus (sorry...I forgot your name. Eternal apologies) were on hand and their scene was out in force.

These kids showed up, soaked in sweat. Once we asked them a few questions, they let it go that they had pushed twelve miles to come to see Geoff. Seriously doing all it takes, eh?

Some kids let Ben do whatever he wanted with their tees. Some unique Volcom originals right there...

This guy showed up - and I'm not entirely sure if he skates or not, although a few people at the signing reckons he doesn't - and got Geoff to sign his foot.

He then went off only to return twenty minutes later with the above now permanently inked on his foot.

Some downtime in the pub between sessions - Steve and Ben got down to some serious business with Connect Four

The second session of the day was at Scene in Preston. We setup in the back yard and got going...

This tee was a request for a mate. I don't think he believed that we'd bring it back to him.

Paint fumes? Heavy night before? Anti-biotics backfiring? You decide. Either way, Ben needed to lie down and proceeded to fall asleep in the rain.

How many sausages each?

Hmm...I recognise that shape.