The Volcom 'Stone Age' tour kicked off properly yesterday, with Geoff Rowley and Ben Raemers screen-printing shirts for the citizens of Southsea, at Bored? Skateshop. Again, Kevin Parrott has sent us through a bunch of bloggings from the day for you lot to peruse over below. The tour continues today at SS20 in Oxford at 12pm, then Ideal in Birmingham at 6pm - get involved!

Snaps and captions by Kev...

Ben showed up first thing this morning excited with the realisation that he had an entirely red outfit in his bag. It's now gone midnight. He still has it on.

Stop One. When it comes to the South coast, these guys rule.

This was taken right at the beginning. 30 minutes later and the paint fumes were running the event. Don't screenprint in non-ventialted areas.

Save Southsea. These kids know.

Mark works in Bored?

Gary owns Bored?

These guys seemed to have fun. You should go and see them if you are in the area. Say hello and talk some skateboarding. They go the distance.

You met three of these yesterday. Paul Gonella is the new face, second from the right. OG Monster Network head, Southsea/Colchester local and Tweakerzine's central Tweaker Freaker. Cheers for coming out Paul!

Don Brider. Deathbox/Flip for life.

Geoff Rowley. Deathbox/Flip for life.

Flip riders don't come to the UK without retreading a ton of history. All Hail the Chip Shop Army.

This guy showed up, got a tee screened and then got his own personalised by Rowley. That speech bubble on the left just says "Bollocks, Its Geoff". Epic shit.

Rowley got mobbed. We actually started way early as the queue was already way down the street. People are keen to come and say hello. It's actually rad - Geoff finds time for everyone.

We went for a meal and Ben came up with an idea for a trick as we were really close to Southsea Skatepark. This photo was taken about 10 seconds after Ben's idea evolved into two tricks. You just wait for the Sidewalk video.

You just f*cking wait...