Though the Volcom 'Stone Age' tour kicks off proper today, yesterday saw Geoff Rowley, along with Volcom main men Steve Stratton and Flo Germain land on these shores, to be greeted by Ben Raemers, Lovenskate's screen-printing expert Stu Smith, and Volcom UK head honcho Kevin Parrott.

Kev took a bunch of snapshots as they spent the day in and around Southsea in preparation of todays screen-printing fun, which can now be seen below.

Check back everyday as the tour progresses for more bloggings, and click here for more info on the tour.

Ben Raemers, Stu Smith and myself hammered around London to pick up Geoff Rowley, Steve Stratton and Flo Germain from the airport. After a flight dampened by a fistful of sleeping pills, they were all good to go on arrival.

Flo used to work for Flip, but now works for Volcom. He's Dutch. Just like Goldmember. Schmoke and a Pancake?

Ben needs no introduction. Although there is a lot to say.

Steve probably hates it as I can imagine it happens all the time as an intro but he is Remy Strattons brother. He is also the Volcom team manager and plays in the band Sounder. He can do Cab 540 No Complies, too.

This is Ben and the inking he decided on in the US. It's kind of amusing from a UK point of view. I just think of Beer-Bellied-Boozy-Bozo's. Perhaps that’s Ben's future?

The kid on the left from is from Walton-On-The-Naze. He's all about paddling. The kid on the right is from Liverpool. He's all about smashing shit.

Steve kept wandering around Southsea in awe. The Snakerun was a highlight. If you've never rode this, you should make the effort to get down for a shred. Giggles all the way.

Stu Smith from Lovenskate is on hand to help out. He gets exited at the very mention of screenprinting or skateboarding - so you can imagine his response when he heard about this trip. Hence him joining us. Stu and Ben are quite alike. Two people very, very stoked on life.

Ben ran into the dentists just before the trip as his tooth was giving him hell. Now he can give his tooth hell by pinching it in his grubby fingers.

Ben had an idea to have a manual roll contest around Southsea Skatepark on a setup we borrowed from Tom at 'Bored?'. Geoff Nosewheelied the lap off the bat and everyone raised their white flags in surrender.