This has been in the pipeline for a little while now, but at last the VBS/Vans mini series 'Skate Europe' is online and ready to be enjoyed by all!

The four part UK episode is first up and can be found below, focusing on the scenes of South Bank, Harrow and Stockwell with Winstan Whitter, Bath with Ben Nordberg and a stowawayed Kris Vile, and a trip to Bristol with Danny Wainwright and Syd.

Each part contains exclusive interviews and new and rare footage from the archives, including appearances from everyone mentioned above, as well as the likes of Dan Magee, Ben Jobe, Tony Lockhurst, Ian Gunner, Mark Channer, Mike Manzoori, Danny Wainwright, Flynn Trotman, Paul Carter and more!

Give them a watch now! More to follow...

Part 1: South Bank

Part 2: Harrow and Stockwell

Part 3: Bath

Part 4: Bristol