Having made it back into England after an eventful couple of days in Scotland, the 'Are We There Yet?' tour heads straight for Ramp City Skatepark in Blackpool where the Vans UK crew for a hectic demo and an even more hectic 'best trick' session. Howard Cooke rejoins the sqaud and wastes no time in attacking the oversized vert wall, Pete King puts on something of a magic show on the mini ramp, Ben Grove does battle with the roll in, whilst the rest of the crew tag-team the age old Wembley/stairs set up.

Featuring Chris Pfanner, Ross McGouran, Josh 'Manhead' Young, Kris Vile, Ben Nordberg, Lois Pendlebury, Ollie Tyreman, Pete King, Marc Churchill, Ste Roe, Hugo Liard and Ben Grove.

Vans 'Are We There Yet?' Tour 2007 - Part 6: Blackpool.