Vans presents a trip through Paris with Joseph Biais and Valentin Bauer in 'Capitale', a beautifully shot 16mm exploration of the Parisian streets. Check it out below, alongside further details on the project via the blurb...

"VANS has teamed up with French video Director Thibaut Grevet to document a day in Paris, France with Joseph Biais and Val Bauer.

The video showcases some of the non-traditional skate spots of Paris all filmed on 16mm to bring back a sense of authenticity to this unique city."

ft. Joseph Biais & Valentin Bauer

Directed & Edited by Thibaut Grevet

Cinematographer : Zack Spieger

1 AC : Just Aurel Meissonnier

Producer : Cedric Barus

Line Producer : Quentin Henneguelle

Produced by Frenzy Paris.

Music & Sounddesign : Sauvage Sound

Shot on 16mm

Thanks to Julien Scheubel