Leo can't stay still these days. Having just returned home from Barcelona last Sunday, Leo flew out to China on Friday with selected members of the Vans Euro squad, including Kris Vile, Flo Marfaing and Chris Pfanner, amongst others.

Leo emailed us over a bunch of pictures from the first day, with a short clip of camera phone footage at the bottom of the page...

Fingers in pies...

Looks familiar.

Not sure what this is about. Bird flu? Sports injuries?

It wouldn't be a China blog without Oddjob.

Not quite Southampton.

Street view with a good old Time Out in the reflection.

Trackies in socks, Flo style. Photo incentive?

What's the blurry item which the customs man is not impressed with? Answers on a postcard...

Can't escape this lad at the minute. Vile, mixing milk with beer.

This appeared in my inbox with the title "Pisstake Macau"...

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