Vague Skate Mag have uploaded Newquay resident Jake Sparham's section from Matt Hunt's Cornish scene video 'In Crust We Trust'. Jake was raised by the rotting, pitfall laden ply of Wooden Waves and as such has no trouble dealing with some properly grim terrain, managing to get way more pop from the Playing Place quarterpipe than anyone should physically be able to and taking care of jersey barriers, DIY and rugged bank spots that you're unlikely to see in videos made outside of the West Country.

Cameos from Jak Foster and Sam Doyle back up Jake's spring loaded pop and crust-handling talents and KRS One on the soundtrack (especially 'Return of the Boom Bap' era Kris) is always going to go down well with us. In Crust We Trust as a whole is undoubtedly one of the best scene videos of the year and we highly recommend checking out the other parts to have hit the web over a cup of tea, beer or whatever beverage floats your boat.

Wooden Waves is about to morph into it's concrete wave stage (no connection to the US magazine of questionable legitimacy), so we're sure you'll be seeing plenty more footage of Jake once he has that beast to play around on!

Filmed and edited by Matt Hunt.