Vague Mag and HUF UK present 'Indecent Exposure', a video which sees Sirus F Gahan hitting the streets of London with HUF's UK squad for just under a week to see what crusty gems the streets of the capital can cough up. Luckily (from what I remember), despite it not being long into spring when this was made it was one of the first dry weeks of the year, so rain dodging did not have to be factored into the equation and Sirus was free to point a stacked team at spots across the city.

If anyone need a lesson in how to film a London-based edit without the need to show the world clips of Southbank and Canada Water (and the majority do seem to need that to a greater or lesser extent), this is it. Tucked away council estate brick banks, ride on grinds which involve coming face to face with your own mortality, the ever popular 'propped up slab to *insert obstacle here* and more show a level of productivity not easy to maintain when you only have six days to get shit done. The then-drained fountains in Victoria Park undoubtedly helped matters - that spot is incredible, even I would have attempted to skate it if I didn't have the beginnings of heatstroke on the one day I found myself there.

Featuring Will Creswick, Francis Peters, Tristan Rudman, Tom Delion, Mike Clarkson, Jason Lewer, Joel Banner, Jimmy Silver, Caradog Emanuel, Joe Roberts, Casey Brown and Daniel Hill.

Sirus' edits have long been one of our favourite things to drop into our inbox - acquaint yourself further with his work for more visual inspiration to go out and skate. For more from the UK HUF team, head down to your local skater owned shop and pick up the latest Vague Mag where you'll find photographic and written coverage of the trip!