21. Boards from the sponsors

First Tyne Tees Slam Jam done and dusted. Ridiculous hammers, mad skills and 1 very gnarly slam. I hope the dude gets better soon.

Just wanted to give a MASSIVE shout out to 4Motion Darlington for the awesome grub and facilities. Its rad that we have a place to do jams likle this and we're very grateful for the opportunity and support for this and future events.

I also want to thank the core skate shops who backed this jam. Namely:

Legacy Skatestore

Native Skate Store

Popcorn Skate

All those at the end saw the insane swag bag of prizes. This whole event would not have been possible without them. Honestly, massive thank you to these shops. They keep us all rolling and deserve our support. on behalf of everyone today, THANK YOU!!

Also, to everyone that helped out with the coaching session, filming/photography, catering, holding down the office, keeping the place organized and helping getting the park ready; thank you very much. It's awesome when there are people doing a smashing job on everything else, so we could just skate!

Lastly, to everyone that turned up, thanks for just being there. Its good to see faces old and new still taking slams with a smile, getting right back up and giving it another go. Really chuffed everyone got stuck in. Made it a really sick Jam and I'm personally stoked on it!!

We'll keep you up to date with what we have in store next but in the mean time, thanks for being awesome and if there's anything we could have done better, just let us know and we'll be sure to smash it next time.

Thanks again to the park staff, the peeps behind the lens, the skaters and the shops!

Job well done to everyone involved!!

Stay Rad!

Photos by Paul Graham

Words by Dave Apomah, footage coming soon

1. The Lesser Seen Beanie Tom

The lesser seen beanie Tom.

2. Various Mans on the deck

Various mans on deck.

3. Will Creswick- Back Lip

Will Creswick backlip

4. Will Back Smith

Will Creswick back smith

5. Blinky Alley Oop Backside Air for Sunderland

Blinky alley oop backside air for Sunderland.

6. Comps began with the big rail, Kurt Mitchell back lips

The comp began with the big rail, prompting Kurt Mitchell to back lip.

7. Stephen Blythe Feebles

Stephen Blythe feeble grinds.

8. Comps moved onto various parts of the park including the blocks, flatbar and hip, here Regan Nollies the bench during the box jam

Paul Regan nollies the box for Hull..."Nollies for daaaaays".

9. Mani Haddon No Complies the bench

Mani Haddon no complies the bench.

10. Final comp of the day was over the doorway, Ben Cook starts it off with a jumped beanplant fakie

The carnage moved onto the doorway obstacle seeing, Ben Cook kick it off with a jumped beanplant fakie.

11. Adam Lynn did a few tricks including cannonball over the doorway, including this  kickflip

After cannonballing the doorway, Adam Lynn bulked up his variety pack and backside flipped the gap.

12. Ben C continues his assault with this blunt fakie

Ben C continues the onslaught with a blunt fakie.

13. Blinky starts off with a bs boneless

Blinky back bonelesses.

14. First try  Dual Citizenship over the hole

Blinky nails a dual citzenship over the danger, first try, no lie!

15.Blinky with an Invert, also nearly had it over the hole

Blinky nailed a doubles invert with his shadow before almost having it over the hole.

16. Ben C ends with the claimed Feeble Fakie

Ben C ends with the claimed feeble fakie over the doorway of doom.

17. Dean Boyle joined in towards the end of the jam with a few tricks, including this Frontside Air

Dean Boyle joined in towards the end of the jam with a few tricks, including this gapped fronstide air.

18. Blinky ends the final jam with a smooth nosegrind tailgrab

Blinky ends the final jam with a smooth nosegrind tailgrab.

19. Dean again with a (just) post-jam fs Crailslide

Dean comes through with a post jam crailslide over the terror.

20. Jam organiser Dave about to give out the prizes

Jam organiser Dave about to give out the prizes. Props to all who turned up and all involved!