Two Bit Skate co. and $ex clips have collaborated to produce 'Two $exy', a Bristol scene video filmed entirely on their phones and it's fucking rad!

This video acts as a perfect advertisement for anybody contemplating moving or skating to Bristol as the scene is fun, welcoming and the quality of skating is so high.

An Adam Alaqi last part? Always! Check the video below to increase stoke levels! Box of toys include:

Russ Heideman, Giles Brown, Sam Austin, Charlie Comrie (C-motherfucking Cash), Fred Mansbridge, Hasan Kamil, Ali Rabnif, Liam ‘Shicken’ Jefferies, Charlie Tothill, Harry McKenzie, George Newman, Sebastien ‘Mungo’ Spey, George Rowe, Turkish John, Magic Joe, Ryan Cunningham and Adam Aulaqi. With cameos from the Skate Cafe Crew, the Fifty Fifty fan and more.