My Tube with Dale Starkie - Top 5 Webclip pick

Where does Leeds-based power midget Dale Starkie go to find the requisite hype to inspire him to fling his fragile body into the cold, hard ground on a weekly basis? His phone and the uncharted waters of the Internet of course, just like the rest of you. We caught up with Dale recently to quiz him on which clips he turns to in moments of skateboarding need and this is what he came back with.

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Jerry Hsu - enjoi Skateboards - 'Bag of Suck'

This whole video is the reason why I originally started skating. Jerry's style made skateboarding look so effortlessly and mesmerising to me. This part is the only skate video where I know every trick in order that's still worth watching again and again. It also includes one of the best curb roll offs ever.

Cory Kennedy - 'Rat Poison' section

Cory's style has to be up there as one of the best, ever.

This part is full of crazy moves without him breaking a sweat and it has a dope song to back it up!

George Smith - Welcome Skatestore's 'Paul' section

George's part in the Paul lived up to every expectation and more! George is a real dark horse and doesn't know how good he really is. His part has some amazing skating and is put together really well by Josh Hallett which makes it even better to watch. Watching your homies land something that takes a while and then seeing it later in a full part at a premiere - there's nothing better than that.

Brandon Biebel - Acid drop

If you skate and haven't seen this you must watch it now! This clip shows you how to ride a skateboard properly in 14 seconds.

Mike Wright – Baghead Flats

Mike Wright is one amazing skateboarder and a pleasure to skate with. This part has everything you need to get you hyped for a skate. There’s something about English videos that's raw and aesthetically pleasing to watch. Especially when filmed with a VX. This video ticks all the boxes.

Peep a bit more Dale Starkie footage below from the recent enjoi demo at the Pumpcage cage in Manchester and on a recent Raiders of the Lost Park mission to Stoke-on-Trent.

My Tube with Dale Starkie - Top 5 Webclip pick