The premiere and exhibition launch for the 'Travel Light' project that is featured in the current issue of Kingpin is taking place at The Wayward Gallery this coming Friday night.

The project paired up the likes of Phil Zwijsen, Sam Beckett, Rob Smith, Josh Young and Tim Zom with a friend of their choosing - namely Joe Gavin, Jarne Verbruggen, Neil Smith, Rob Maatman and Julien Benoliel - for short trips around Europe and beyond with Sam Bailey and a photographer in tow to document the proceedings.

The show will include the first screening of Sam's films from the missions alongside an exhibition of Travel Light photography by Thomas ‘Switn’ Sweertvaegher, Rich West, Joel Peck, Jelle Keppens and Vincent Coupeau. There will also be free limited edition photo books for the first 100 guests, so be there for when the doors open at 7pm or run the risk of missing out.

Check the trailer below for a taste of things to come - the first edit will be dropping on the Kingpin site on February 10th...