2014 destination unknown

This year sees Anti Hero celebrating their 20th year (obviously the 18th was the big one) of snotty, booze soaked ripping, with a solid number of classic videos under their belt and a seemingly ever growing team of rippers. Over that time and as fads have come and gone they have always flown the flag for the skate rat, wasting no time faffing about when there's camping and skating to be done.

In between the above activities they found time to develop an instantly recognisable aesthetic which runs through videos, board graphics and adverts. Gritty, satirical, darkly humorous or outright offensive, skateboarding's top shelf team has offered up some amazing advertisements over the years. With Destination Unknown dropping unexpectedly onto our screens last year, like finding an unopened beer in the street on your way home from the pub, the recent release of an Israel tour edit, and our Tony Trujillo Footage Feast dropping last week, it seemed like the perfect time to reprise some of our favourite ads...

All ads courtesy of The Chrome Ball Incident


A back disaster on the edge of the Liverpudlian abyss from Cardiel, while Andy Roy miller flips his way down the side. Straight up ripping!

andy roy

Imagine how good a zine created by Stranger would be?


The classy side of the 18.


Because sometimes skateboarding ads don't need a single bit of skateboarding in them.


Psycho chicks, mohawks and missing teeth


Andy Roy gets in touch with his softer side, while Xtreme goings on happen in the corner!


A pointed back smith against a Repo Man style road map, legit! Sean Young was a beast.


Anti Hero does not endorse the use of helmets. Thank you.


The wizard grind

Rock n roll parking lot


Stranger's captions always smash it!


Gerwer is pretty much the best person to get in front of a camera lens.


A massive frontside air from Cardiel and one of the best captions ever to appear in an ad, what's not to like?


I'd drink Anti Hero brand vodka.


T-Mo finally gets a pro model with this advert featuring a hench ollie from Chris Pfanner.


Freight trains and frontside airs, 'nuff said.

2013anti-hero-skateboards-just-hewitt-2013 skately

Hewitt knows how to shred a fullpipe, and genital-based humour is big and clever.


Golly I'm hot today!

2004cardiel nose manny

There was no way this wasn't going to be included...All Hail Cardiel!!