Tony Vitello FULL interview from Lucas Beaufort's 'Devoted' doc

Following on from the unedited Marc Johnson Devoted interview that we posted last month, here's another gem courtesy of the lovely Lucas Beaufort in the form of Tony Vitello FULL interview from Lucas Beaufort's 'Devoted' doc.

As the publisher of Thrasher Magazine and the man at the helm of skateboarding's most pervasive media empire, Tony Vitello obviously knows a thing or two about the power of magazines within the culture.

Prepare yourselves for 15 minutes of the back story behind the magazine established by his father Fausto back in the lean days of 80's skateboarding from one of the most influential skaters in the culture. Obviously, as we said with the MJ interview, the irony of you listening to this ode to print media on your phone/computer/tablet is not lost on us but, nonetheless, this is an interesting insight into what goes on behind-the-scenes.

When you've listened to this - go check out the full Devoted documentary for lots more.

Tony Vitello / Full ITW from The LB Project on Vimeo.