Before Mwadlands officially opened its doors to the public, a revolving cast of heavy hitters stopped through to test out the lines before the crowds descended and make the most of the OG Radlands-influenced wooden layout. A lot of very good skateboarding went down, a lot of beers were drunk and a lot of 'erb was ritually consumed, all resulting in the Thrasher edit which you see below my ramblings. Witnessing the Zered Bassett artillery barrage in person was ridiculous, the dude is seriously one of the most underrated skateboarders around in my opinion!

Featuring Javier Sarmiento, Jamal Smith, Curtis Pearl, Blondey McCoy, Casper Brooker, Meka, Juan Saavedra, Kyron Davis, Charlie Birch, Hugo Boserup, Torey Goodall, Etienne Gagne, Zered fucking Bassett and Lucas Puig.

Seriously stoked to have this as a shelter for the winter months, mad props to everyone at Palace who made it happen.