Confirmation, as if it was needed, that Josh Stewart is one of the best editors out there - Theories of Atlantis have just dropped the nine and a half minute long 'Escape to LA', an edit that will have your feet itching to jump out of the door and onto your board. Don't watch it when you have seven hours left in the office, you'll be gutted.

Featuring; Leo Valls, Ben Gore, Brendan Carroll, Taylor Nawrocki, John Baragwanath, Joe Yates, Jon Nguyen, Bryce Mandell, Vincent Alvarez, Brad Cromer, Walker Ryan, Zac Gracie, Paul Shier, Dustin Eggeling, Christian Maalouf, Danny Montoya, Yonnie Cruz, Stevie Perez, Alex Schmidt, Justin Strubing and Tom Remillard