The follow up to Phil Evans Irish Super8 masterpiece 'No Use' nears completion...

Over the past few months, Phil Evans has been on a mission putting together his latest project 'The Scrum Tilly Lush', a Super8 production featuring a whole variety of names from a cross section of predominant European scenes. Including the likes of Love Eneroth in Stockholm, Conhuir Lynn and Denis Lynn in Belfast, Wieger Van Wageningen in Amsterdam, Lennie Burmiester in Berlin, Daniel Lebron and Vinnie Bressol in Barcelona, Nick Jensen in London, Soy Panday and Vivien Feil in Paris, Al Collins, Wayne Gallagher and Paddy Clear in Dublin, Janne Saario in Helsinki, Per Magnusson in Malmo and Danny Wainwright in Bristol, you know this is going to be something special!

Have a look at the latest trailer underneath, or click here to peep the first trailer from September this year.

Keep an eye on for further info and all that.