Part 2 of Chris Johnsons 'A Third Foot World Tour' blog is online now, with drunken Gentlemans Pistols based tomfoolery in Leeds, Hyde Park hangovers and motorway nightmares.

Third and final part online tomorrow...

We stayed at Dougy and Avid's for a few days...Avid dressed up for the Gents Pistols gig that night.

OMG - Tom was granted leave from the Internet!

Dougy gettin' his Bass on!

Sidewalk 'working class hero' star Dave Walker couldn't keep up with Jason Caines during a break dancing battle....Next time, mate.

The morning after the night before.

Jase Ramsey showed us all what he's learnt from a year in Uni Halls and got his cook on.

Red hot, hungover and ready for action.

After a few long days of driving we got held up on the motorway for hours.

Phil was stoked that after 3 hours we hadn't moved an inch.

Avid was also a happy chap.

The roadside beverage crew kept all the other stranded drivers entertained with T-Pain and Cameron at full volume...

Jase got bored and let all the female passengers know what he wanted!