Birminghams board pressing outfit A Third Foot rounded up the most part of their team, plus a few flow riders and guests, and shipped them off on somewhat of a 'world tour' (well, to the north of England at least). Along for the ride were Ozzie Ben Blake, Phil Shore, Jason Caines, Doug McLaughlan, Avid the Rotter and Woody, with Tom 'Gnargore' Gillespie and Chris Johnson in tow to document the ensuing madness for a forthcoming article in the mag, and accompanying video for the interweb.

Chris Johnson once again assumed the role of the most blog efficient human on the face of the earth and has put together a three part blog of the trip for you all to enjoy. Part 1 can be browsed underneath now. Check back tomorrow for part 2...

Awaking after 4 hours sleep on Ozzy Ben's floor, Phil Shore threw a few gang signs out to the Birmingham Hood before breakfast.

The ever prepared Ozzy Ben decided that some new wood was in order, so we headed off to the Factory.

£1.50 for a 'Breaky Bap'? Yes please...

That's how we roll!

Got wood!

A quick trip to Ideal for the 'Bolts and Griptape Team' to pick up their packages and hook up with Wayne Rooney.

Ideal honcho Kris was kind enough to hook us all up with some free shorts for the long hot road ahead...I don't care if you're 40 mate, that camera bag is still cool...

After endless traffic Jams, forgotten boards, wrong turns and warm up sessions, we finally hit some street with Mike and crew in Leeds as the sun was setting.

Ty Gillespie.

Oh no, the Canadian's started drinking...Session over!