When the music video came to prominence in the early to mid 80s it opened a whole new world of multimedia opportunities for bands keen for their music to reach a wider audience. The visual stimulation of skateboarding was ripe for the picking and it wasn't long before it started to appear in music videos; from the good, to the bad, to that which made you cringe so hard you literally implode and become a black hole of embarrassment and shame that what you have witnessed has associated itself with skateboarding.

We've tried not too include too many of the latter, although John Rattray and Flynn Trotman in a Billie Piper video had to be included for comedy value and you should probably watch Soulja Boy's 'Tony Hawk (Whip My Wrist)' because although it features no actual skateboarding it's one of the funniest and most ridiculous things to ever happen to popular music. Otherwise this is a fairly respectable list - a selection of skateboarding in music videos which, whether cheesy, odd or downright bizarre, has some fairly solid moments - and we haven't resorted to such depths as the faux hardcore whinings of Cerebral Ballzy, or the song which we don't talk about and which ushered in a whole new era of skateboard heckling in the early 2000s.

It's a shame that music videos came around so late, imagine if this had a video to accompany it...

Possibly the first music video to feature skateboarding, Devo's classic slice of new wave 'Freedom of Choice' featured Salba and more skating the keyhole bowl at Marina (the same park, incidentally, where the album cover was shot for the Circle Jerks 'Group Sex').

Suicidal Tendencies' singer Mike Muir's brother was intrinsically connected to the Venice skate scene through his brother Jim, then owner of Dogtown Skates. 'Possessed to Skate' was put together for a now long-forgotten movie, with the video gaining a cult status due to its 80s charm/cheesiness. The irate dad is played by LSD guru Timothy Leary.

Despite generally coming across as the musical equivalent of watching paint dry, 'It's the End of the World' wasn't a bad slice of college rock. The video by James Herbert featured a teenager rifling through a crumbling house before streetplanting amongst the rubble.

Any music video that starts off with a Jason Lee 360 flip is off to a good start and an article about skateboarding in music videos wouldn't be complete without Sonic Youth's '100%'. Directed by Spike Jonze and Tamra Davis, the former's hand guarantees a legit use of our four wheeled pastime.

John Rattray, Flynn Trotman and more skate a miniramp in a warehouse as a 16 year old Billie Piper performs a synchronised dance act with a troupe in the video for 'Girlfriend'. Sometimes reality is much, much stranger than fiction, this one had to be included for comedy value.

Back when Patrick Melcher rode for Black Label, he was the focus of the music video for 'Drunken Lullabies' by Flogging Molly; whose accordion player was then teammate and H-Street legend Matt Hensley.

We don't recommend bombing a hill whilst playing bass guitar, but it does make for a good music video interlude!

J. Mascis shreds.

JFA are skate rock OG's, and if camera equipment had been available to skint hardcore kids in the early 80s we would probably have a variety of their videos to choose from for this post. As it is they only bought their music to celluloid in recent years, so here's 2010's 'Danny Sargent's Trucks' from Speed of Sound, one of the best cuts from the record.

An encapsulation of why Leeds is fucking rad, RWTB for life.

Thought Chris Gentry wasn't going to be up in this mix? You thought wrong...

It might be as cheesy as humanly possible, but it does feature Cab doing a frontside grind whilst holding a guitar in the deep end of the House of Vans, for which we can forgive a multitude of sins...