We like to keep our finger on the technology pulse, especially if it makes capturing skateboarding easier. This new Slow Motion app, Worm, does exactly that. There are obviously Slo-Mo apps already on the market, but Worm are specifically targeting action sports and it’s features focus on making the process of capturing and viewing action clips in slow motion a lot easier.

One thing that is noticeable is the consistent quality of the clips, being able to capture in high frame rates and shareable from your phone without any loss of quality, you can import clips filmed at normal speed and convert the moments you want to slow motion, and without any annoying logos sprawled across the finished clip. They have changed the way GoPro importing is done and in a few clicks you can transform your hours of GoPro footage into shareable clips.

From within the app you can explore other users uploaded clips ranked in popularity and then, using Worms unique technology, slow the clips down by simply touching the screen.

The thing we like most about this app, is the fact it’s completely FREE RIGHT HERE.

We’ve picked out a couple of clips that are all made by users from within the app, showing off just what it is capable of.

Worm of the day: @spencerbarton_ doing what he does best, confusing our brains. LET THE TRICK NAMING COMMENCE. #slowmotion #skateboarding #lacestied

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Worm of the day: @smheath with the manual flip assist from @alexis_sm4l showing the power of teamwork. Tag someone you'd do this with! #slowmotion #skateboarding #assist

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Worm of the day: @coltonmccorry with a massive board to board transfer over a bin. #serious #hangtime #slowmotion

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